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Repository broken after upgrade to Rev. 122.05

Jan 22, 2017 at 11:13 AM


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After the upgrade from rev. 102 to rev. 122.05 the HANA repository does not really work anymore. What are the effects?:

  • Expanding the packages in the content folder shows only the packages: Neither models like calculation views nor the text "contains hidden objects".
  • Creating a repository workspace and expanding the packages shows

The mentioned database trace says

  • It seems as if this had something to do with the table "_SYS_REPO"."INACTIVE_OBJECT". A SELECT on this table does not work either.

  • A further effect probably resulting also from this is that no web related feature does work anymore: With SAP HANA Cockpit, XS Admin, (classic) Web IDE you can log on, but then only a blank page is shown.

Who can help me to resolve this issue?

Thanks & Regards, Ingo

reperror.jpg (28.9 kB)
trace.jpg (87.0 kB)
select.jpg (28.5 kB)
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2 Answers

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Lars Breddemann
Jan 23, 2017 at 12:52 AM

Hi Ingo,

first off: I haven't seen this error before, so this is a guess.

Looking at the checksum error, I'd say you face a corruption. Since there had been a recent Hot News about row store corruptions in HANA 122 I've got an inkling that this might be an example for that.

- Lars

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Hi Lars,

Thanks and yes, I feared something like that. This means restore and and recovery will be the only "solution", isn't it?

Regards, Ingo


As long as the corruption has not been stored in the backup yet, I'd think that this would be the way to go, yes.

Depending on the situation, maybe dev support can help with restoring the system and exporting/importing just the affected table If this DB contains data you have to get back, I'd open a message for that.



Jens Gleichmann Jan 23, 2017 at 09:16 AM

Hi Ingo,

have you executed a consistency check before and after the upgrade to SPS12?

The row store corruptions mentioned by Lars are described in note 2370160 - Possible Rowstore Table Corruption When Continuous Page Flush is Enabled.

There are also some bugs which are currently not fixed in 122.05:

2408269 - Could not find temporary table error message after upgrading to SP12

2403758 - HANA DB: Merge failed - Caught exception during merge of history table



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