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Dec 01, 2005 at 09:24 AM

complaint integration with R/3



We want to create an internal order in R/3 based on our complaint document in CRM.

2 questions :

- in R/3, SPROintegration with other SAP componentsCustomer Relationship managementSettings for Service ProcessingControlling integrationestablish controlling type, level, and scenarios, we want to create a new line for controlling type S (single -object controlling) but we have not entries available for fields 'Leading BT type' and 'CRM trans. type'. The empty table is in fact CRMC_PR_TYP_CO. Any idee how to fill this table?

- when we save a complaint in CRM, before it has to be send to R/3, we get an error message :

'An error occurred in system during account assignment

Message no. CRM_ORDER_MISC 060


Errors occurred when assigning an account assignment object to a business transaction. To view the error message, see the accompanying log file.

Transfer Log

Orgfinder: No value found for Organizational Unit BILL_ORG (Notification E CRM_OFI 002)


Maybe this is due to our missing customizing in R/3. Any idee about this error? The oss note 851133 did not solve the problem.

We are in CRM40SP09 with R/3 4.6C.

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