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Jun 24, 2014 at 06:03 PM

Heuristic giving the first bucket a miss


Hi Folks,

The issue we are facing is baffling us.

We have a Sunday weekly heuristics for products (location heuristics) which doesn't populates any Production planned figure in the weekly bucket imemdiately next to the Frozen Horizon, instead it is creating the orders from the 3rd bucket onwards.

The settings for these codes had been maintained in the SNP Supply Profile :

We still are wondering why the scheduled background job on Sunday doesn't creates the orders in the 2nd bucket?

We understand that first bucket is the Frozen-Horizon due to the Extend SNP Prod. Horizon set to 7 days.

But why is it not creating orders in the 2nd bucket.......?

However when we run this in interactive mode of through background run at our end, the orders then do get created in the second bucket too!

However in the scehduled backrgound run on every Sunday the 2nd bucket is always missed!

Is there something we could check further?

We have been observing this since last 2-3 months @ week.

Pls share your feedback.




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