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Jun 24, 2014 at 12:04 PM

How to assign One Dimension Property value to another Dimension ID


Business senario:

There are two dimensions Entity and Plant. Plant also has a property Entity.

In my Input Form, I need to derive Entity Property based on PLANT selection and should map it to ENTITY Dimension.

I have selected PLANT Dimension and ENTITY Dimension in Page Axis. I have updated EPMOLAPMember() formula with EPMMemberProperty() for deriving Entity values. When I tried to save data an error message appears saying TOT_Code is not a base level member. So I checked Edit Report window and found that ENTITY Dimension is automatically moved to default left panel from Row Axis and Entity Dimension Context Menu is mapped to TOT_Code which is the top node of the total hierarchy.

I tried EPMMemberOverride() function to overwrite ENTITY Dimension values with Entity Property of PLANT Dimension but unable to overwrite it.

In Simple Words:
ENTITY Dimension = PLANT Dimension (Entity Property)

Is there any way to map/assign property value to another dimension??? Please help me.

Thanks in advance.