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Jun 24, 2014 at 04:49 AM

Multiple line items should appear in DMR after PS confirmation -DIP profile


Dear Experts,

I am a SD consultant and new to this Resource related Billing area, please advice me how far i have reached in mapping the business process

explaining the business process below:

A oil field service company , receives many calls from customers for services

This company has owns equipments and manpower. whenever customer calls for service, company sends a team of people with machine/equipments working in the oil rig and finish the job and return back. once the task is completed , company has to bill the customer. in billing, the company has to show to customer each resource had worked so and so hours ....


1. Engineer 20 hours --per hour rate 5 USD = 100 USD

2. Team Lead 20 hrs -- per hour rate 10 USD = 200 USD

3. Helper 20 hrs ---per hour rate 2 USD = 40 USD

4. Equipment 20 hours --per hr rate 50 USD = 1000 USD

Materials Used BOM ---- -----------------------= 500 USD


Total = 1840 USD

This process , I have mapped in contract based Resource related billing

The flow is :

Contract VA41 - i have contract line item --- MATERIAL -Oil Services - quantity 1

Project systemsCJ20N -- i require to select/confirm multiple items, those are maintained in material determination -DIP Profile

Debit memo request DP91 - Only one material is coming ??

Billing VF01


I have succeed to bring a single material into Debit memo request DP91 after confirmation of activity

but i require to push all materials mapped in material determination in ODP1

Please guide me how do it?