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Dec 01, 2005 at 07:00 AM

Problems in Adapter framework


Hi all,

When i am going to Runtime Workbench > Component Monitoring > Adapter Engine--> Adapter Monitoring.

I am not able to see my standard adapters.Instead I am able to see only JPR. I am not sure what this JPR is, May be it is Java Proxy runtime.And on clicking on JPR I am getting the following information.

Proxy Server java:comp/env/JPR4TS

SLD access SLD host:port =

Error getting JPR configuration from SLD. Exception: No entity of class SAP_BusinessSystem for DVX.SystemHome.cpafist0 found

No access to get JPR configuration</b>

<b>Messaging System</b>

Connection name = JPR

Time out = 5000000 msec


IS client = 241

Logical locking

The Error it is showing is in SLD connection. Can anyone please help me on this.What can be the reason for such error?