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Jun 23, 2014 at 09:22 PM

Is it possible to include d3 v3 into Design Studio SDK Component?


It looks like Design Studio 1.3 uses D3 v2.10. I'd like to leverage D3 v3 for a component. Has anyone successfully managed to include d3 v3 into Design Studio? If so, do we know if this is a valid use of the SDK or does it violate any principle since CVOM charts rely on a certain version of d3?

I see where Former Member did it for Lumira here (Lumira Geoextension with datamaps.js and topojson.js) however I don't think Design Studio uses require.js nor am I sure if his inclusion of d3 v3 is also technically a bad idea for Lumira since it also uses CVOM charts?

Just wondering if there's any answers before I go trying to use d3 v3!