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Former Member
Jun 23, 2014 at 03:04 PM

Inspection type 01 - inspection lot creation based on vendor batch number


Hi Guys,

this topic has been discussed several times here, but I was not able to find a suitable answer for my question.

I am facing the folowing requirement:

I have activated inspection type 01 for a raw material.

I am receiving a firs goods receipt from vendor A with vendor batch number 0001.

The system creates its own goods receipt batch number 0546 based on internal numbering.

A new inspection lot is created.

I am posting a second goods receipt from vendor a with vendor batch 0001.

The system creates a new batch number 0547 based on internal numbering.

A new inspection lot is created.

I do not want to get the second inspection lot, because I received vendor batch 0001 before and I am assuming it has been inspected or is in inspection.

Option 1: Post the second goods receipt against the first internal batch number created.

I am aware of this need at the moment, but a user is not always checking if there is an internal batch with the same vendor received before.

Can I customize the system to create inspection lots based on the fact that the vendor batch number was received before?

Or do I have to use an exit and some ABAP code to get the wanted result?

Thanks for your advice in advance.