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Former Member
Dec 01, 2005 at 05:14 AM

Regarding Language dependecny of SAP Scripts


Hi one and all,

Few queries in SAP SCRIPT:

1. When I create a new script in certain language (say English), will it be automatically created in other languages?? If not what's the exact process to be followed

2. For an existing script, how to find out in how many langauges is it being maitained??

3. After the second point above (if the no. of languages in which the script is maintained is known), if there are some changes to be made in the logic (like addition of some if clause etc.), do these changes need to be done in all the languages individually???

4. Finally, if I am making changes in two different scripts, why does both these changes go into the same transport reqeust? Why does a confirmation not requested -to use the same request or create new ??

Advance Thanks