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Dec 01, 2005 at 04:24 AM

Difference Between 2lis_02_itm & 2lis_02_scl


Hi All,

My client here does not use schedule lines. But we realized that process key 7 was not captured by 2lis_02_itm and had to implement 2lis_02_scl to cater this deficiency. I went on with the assumption that SCL will capture all events that ITM captures except for Quotations and Contracts (Which my client does not use). But when I extracted data in high volumes thru ITM and SCL and did a comparison between the two, I realized that SCL captures limited data.

My question here is :

What is the basic difference between the extractors in terms of events that they may capture. Lets take for example the event for PO create/change - Does the extractor function differently when one creates or changes a regular PO?