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KPI Modeler - Cannot load tile

Jan 22, 2017 at 05:46 AM


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Dear All,

We are unable to get the KPI Modeler tiles(Cannot Load tile error).

Our landscape has

1. Front end server [Attached details]

2. Back end server - DB as HANA [Attached details]

3. HANA system (1511 SP02)

Have configured fiori analytic apps and able to access some of the apps with out any issue. Also the webdispatcher is configured, but I assume the entries are of the concern(Attached is the file).

The error when we inspect the element is as below

2017-01-21 21:50:36.132700 Failed to load tile: Error (404, Not found) in OData response for GET "/sap/hba/r/sb/core/odata/modeler/SMART_BUSINESS.xsodata;o=HANA/Catalogs('HANA_CATALOG_MODELER')/Chips?$filter=id%20eq%20'SAP_SB_MODELER_ASSOCIATION'%20or%20id%20eq%20'SAP_SB_MODELER_AUTHORIZATION'%20or%20id%20eq%20'SAP_SB_MODELER_CONFIGURE_DRILLDOWN'%20or%20id%20eq%20'SAP_SB_MODELER_CONFIGURE_MIGRATION_TOOL'%20or%20id%20eq%20'SAP_SB_MODELER_CONFIGURE_TILE'%20or%20id%20eq%20'SAP_SB_MODELER_WORKSPACE'%20or%20id%20eq%20'SAP_SB_MODELER_CREATE_KPI'%20or%20id%20eq%20'SAP_SB_MODELER_CREATE_EVALUATION'":

HTTP request failed - sap.ui2.srvc.ChipInstance({oChip:sap.ui2.srvc.Chip({sChipUrl:""}),bFullscreen:false}) sap.ushell_abap.adapters.abap.LaunchPageAdapter core-min-0.js (92,9196) Request URL: https://<FIORI_FRONTEND_SERVER>:8100/sap/hba/r/sb/core/odata/modeler/SMART_BUSINESS.xsodata;o=HANA/Catalogs('HANA_CATALOG_MODELER')/Chips?$filter=id%20eq%20'SAP_SB_MODELER_ASSOCIATION'%20or%20id%20eq%20'SAP_SB_MODELER_AUTHORIZATION'%20or%20id%20eq%20'SAP_SB_MODELER_CONFIGURE_DRILLDOWN'%20or%20id%20eq%20'SAP_SB_MODELER_CONFIGURE_MIGRATION_TOOL'%20or%20id%20eq%20'SAP_SB_MODELER_CONFIGURE_TILE'%20or%20id%20eq%20'SAP_SB_MODELER_WORKSPACE'%20or%20id%20eq%20'SAP_SB_MODELER_CREATE_KPI'%20or%20id%20eq%20'SAP_SB_MODELER_CREATE_EVALUATION'

When we replace the host name and port from the above link, it fetches the data without any issue. https://<FIORI_FRONTEND_SERVER>:8100/sap/hba/r/sb/core/odata/modeler/SMART_BUSINESS.xsodata - Does not fetch (some issue with the Webdisptcher entries)

https://<HANA_SYSTEM>:4303/sap/hba/r/sb/core/odata/modeler/SMART_BUSINESS.xsodata - Fetches the data with out any issue.

Roles specific to KPI modeler are assigned in the the backend and as well as in HANA system.(Attached the screenshot of the same).

I am all out of ideas, your expert opinion would be of great help to resolve this :)







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1 Answer

Mauricio Ramírez Cuevas Sep 14, 2017 at 06:28 PM

Hello Phanindranath,

Did you find the solution of your case?

If so, please share it.

Thank you

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