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Nov 30, 2005 at 10:40 PM

HRMD_A IDOC Question



I am fairly new to this whole thing and I hope I could explain as clearly as possible and if someone could help me please, much appreciated.

1) If using HRMD_A or a reduced message type based upon HRMD_A for INBOUND loading, will that flag change pointer to pickup the data so that a separated reduced message type could pick the data from the RBDMIDOC extraction from change pointers?

2) I have created the the partner profile and all the rfc connection. I am trying to use WE19 to test the INBOUND. Using HRMD_ABA, I only activates E1P1000. In there I've populated the appropriated fields, click on "Standard Inbound" and got a green light successful. From there I've checked WE02 and it showed green light. However, when I check in HRP1000 table, I can't seem to find the record I was trying to do the test INBOUND on. Any suggestion or ideas?

3) Anyone here done OUTBOUND w/change pointers against HRMD_A06 and have that feed over to XI? I am trying to write a functional spec and would much appricated to know if this has been done and could contact you for questions.

Thanks a mill!