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Jun 22, 2014 at 09:44 PM

LSMW - not all lines are displayed


We just upgraded to ERP 6.06 and SAP Basis 731 and I am doing the first time LSMW after this upgrade.

To my surprise SAP hides the ABAP coding lines if there are more than 16 coding lines and shows a line with "not all lines are displayed - double click"

A search for a string which is located in this hidden section is not found anymore, even when "in whole hierarchy" is selected in the search.

Anybody there who knows how to include those hidden section into the search, or how to expand all those hidden sections?

The expand icon does not work for this section, a double click just opens the coding for this one field in a new screen.


LSMW_hidden2.PNG (46.9 kB)