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Jun 22, 2014 at 06:53 AM

0FI_GL_10 delta load failing



My Delta load chain for 0fi_gl_10 is failing but when i see infopackage monitor the request is green.

When i see the infopacakge log in the process chain i see the following message. The load has started failing suddenly saying "last delta" not yet completed where as it has completed when i check infopackage monitor but the process is red in process chain. What is the reason. Please help


In the BW system there is no information from the source system. No

Info-IDoc was found with an info status (rqstate) > 1 in the BI system.

This at least confirms that the data selection was started.

In this case, the BW assumes that the extraction process is not yet

completed. The system is not in the position of determining whether or

not the extractor in the source system has registered the request as a

delta request or not.

The request is set to red in the monitor, because the maximum wait

time has already run out, after which the system valuated a request as

being incorrect (the timeout time for yellow ) .

System Response


If you are sure that the extraction process is completed and the request

actually needs to be valuated as being incorrect, meaning it has to be

set to red , set this status manually in the monitor by using the QM

action (tab page Status -> pushbutton Total).

Otherwise, search according to cause to see why neither Info-IDocs nor

data are arriving in the BW.