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Jun 20, 2014 at 11:33 PM

SAP Design Studio SDK and REST Calls


I want to create a custom component using SAP Design Studio SDK. This component should ask for username and password for user and should be responsible for user authentication. This component should be triggered when another Design Studio application is triggered. After the user valoidation is done, I want to make REST calls to CMS enterprise folders to search for the documents corresponding to the logged in user. The OpenDocument URL's for those reports can then be displayed to the HTML template of design studio application.

My queries are,

1. Can I get some inputs on how to do user validation in design studio custom application ?

2. How to do Rest calls from that component so that reports for the logged in user can be retrieved ?

3. How to get back the Open Document URL's on to the HTML template of main design studio application.

Please help me out.