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Jun 20, 2014 at 04:24 PM

Copy parts of existing instance to a new instance


ECC6 system. Microsoft Servers. Microsoft SQL.

We may install a new instance to replace our current instance (part of a bigger project), and to clean things up, we want to take certain things from the current instance into the new instance. New Instance would be on new hardware.

Looking for suggestions about options (built-in or maybe even 3rd party) that we might have to copy data/config/programs from an existing instance, to a new instance.

What would you suggest for each of these scenarios below, if you were to do it? We don't know which we want to do yet since we are are still just thinking about this.

  1. Copy Config only to new instance.
  2. Copy Config and custom programs to new instance.
  3. Copy Config, programs and transactional data (MD, orders, history, inventory, etc.) to new instance.

Just trying to figure out what is doable and get ideas for the project.