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Jun 20, 2014 at 02:58 PM

No result if sections are used in WEBI


Hi All,

I have a quite complex formula, which works fine in a (cross)table or a chart.

But if I add sections (adhoc regio) to my WEBI, then I don't get any results for this variable.

My business case =

I'm looking for the minimum value for each day for each adhoc-regio (which is a group of measurement points).

The data contains meter-readings every quarter of a hour. But because sometimes there are meter-readings missing, I only want to take into account, those quarters that has records for each meter within that quarter.

I also want to excludes exorbitant records with a "sigma 3"-rule. If the groups-total for a certain quarter transcends 3 times the standard-deviation, than I don't take this quarter into account.

This is my formula of the variable :

=Min( [Adhoc klein-Uurverbruik] In ([Tijd van meting];[Kalenderdag];[ZMPM12_BO_Q004].[Adhoc Regio])

Where ( ( Abs( ([Adhoc klein-Uurverbruik] In ([ZMPM12_BO_Q004].[Adhoc Regio];[Kalenderdag];[Tijd van meting]) ) - (NoFilter(Average([Adhoc klein-Uurverbruik]) In Report ))) < (3 *Abs(NoFilter(StdDevP(([Adhoc klein-Uurverbruik])ForEach ([Tijd van meting];[Kalenderdag];[ZMPM12_BO_Q004].[Adhoc Regio]) In Report) In Report) )) ) And ([Counter] In ([ZMPM12_BO_Q004].[Adhoc Regio];[Kalenderdag];[Tijd van meting])) = Max([Counter] ForEach ([ZMPM12_BO_Q004].[Adhoc Regio];[Kalenderdag];[Tijd van meting])) In ([ZMPM12_BO_Q004].[Adhoc Regio];[Kalenderdag]) ) )

Has anyone an idea, what I'm doing wrong ? Or is it a bug of BO 4.1 ?

Thanks in advance,

Kind regards,

Danny Lepomme