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Jun 20, 2014 at 03:03 PM

No FM payment update (VT57) for clearing documents


Hello all,

I have payment updat online active, and I'm trying to post a payment after a FI clearing, but the system is not able to find the invoice posted in FM and create value type 57.

Basically, I'm posting an account payable but still don't know which vendor I must pay in this moment.


Debit: Expense (commitment Item 30/3)

Credit: Accounts Payable (Commitment Item 60/3)

Value type 54 is created.

After I find out which vendor I must pay, I'm posting the vendor invoice against the account payable account posted before.

Debit: Accounts Payable (Commitment Item 60/3)

Credit: Vendor (Commitment Item 60/3)

When I make the payment of the vendor, the systems shows two warning messages (FICUSTOM114 and FMUP027) and pays the invoice. Although the payment is ok, as the systems does not find the FMinvoice, the FM reports are inconsistents, the payment is not reflected in FM, and the Value Type 57 (payment) is not posted.

If I post the expense directly for the vendor and pay the invoice, the systems is fine and the Value Type 57 is created.

Did you have this issue before? Waiting for your comments.

Best Regards,