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Former Member
Jun 20, 2014 at 01:57 PM

Navigate to Package from Code Inspection results



I created a simple Code Inspector check to see whether our packages have the right Transport Layer and Software Component. The check works fine, but I'd like to add navigation (so when I click the link "Display Object" in the result list, the package is displayed).

But it doesn't. It only says "Program <Package name> not found.

There is one note 1762948, but it doesn't look very promising, since in method CL_CI_RESULT_PROGRAM->IF_CI_TEST~NAVIGATE, RESULT-SOBJTYPE is not correct (PROG instead of DEVC).

I also implemented the NAVIGATE-Method in my test class, but to no avail (it is not called when I trigger navigation, or at least no breakpoint is reached there).

So before I open a ticket for this, I'd like to know whether anybody has managed to navigate to a package from Code Inspector using this way. I know it is possible if I just click on the package name in the result list. That is a workaround, but not a usable solution.

Thanks in advance