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Jun 20, 2014 at 11:38 AM

Distribution list notification of a planned order release


Hello SAP Experts,

I'm trying to setup a communication to our shop floor when a planned order is generated so they can schedule the work. I want to learn if SAP can provide a precise distribution list email (specific: material number, specific activity: planned order release).

Background: SAP 730, PRD 1a. Material MRP Type Z1, PTF 14 days, MRP Controller 026, Min lot size 6,000. Reorder point: 2,000, Lot Size EX

Problem Statement: Shop personnel need to make a stock solution of a HALB in advance of the required by date. The work center needs > 1 week notice to schedule the solution. Shop floor personnel are not receiving notice early enough to adjust the work center schedule. Shop floor personnel do not have the ability to view MD04 to see planned order release.

Can I configure SAP to send out a message on a distribution list to shop floor personnel for a specific material when a planned order is released?

Thank you,