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Jun 20, 2014 at 09:11 AM

value modifier not set in OBYC


Dear All,

I am using two company codes, for using two company codes we are using same chart of Accounts. Since its two different process, for single valuation class my client needs two G/L accounts. So in OMWD i have given

for 1000 company code we are using valuation grouping code 0001

for 2000 company code we are using valuation grouping code 0002.

But now problem is when i enter OBYC

In BSX stock posting

When i try to enter

same valuation class with two different G/L's

its not picking two G/L's

for example:

If i give



for same valuation class-1000


Its not picking the second G/L account..

I have checked the rules

Valuation Modifier is not marked.

When i try to mark that one, the previous assignments which i have made are deleted.

Same thing happens when i changed the rules in GBB...Every other account assignment are deleted.And i have entered every entries manually

Is this the correct way to mark value Modif in the rules in the already existing plant, so that we can assign different G/l's for same valuation class?

Is this advisable?