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Jun 20, 2014 at 07:44 AM

Question about number ranges - ECC-C4C integration via HCI


Hi Experts,

I'm working to integrate ECC to C4C via HCI. So far I have managed to replicate a customer from ECC to C4C successfully.

I plan to use direct 1 to 1 mapping for customer ID in both ECC and C4C. For example, if ECC customer ID is 1000001, the replicated account in C4C should also be 1000001 (within the external number range in C4C). However, using the standard customer master iFlow I see that the account is created in the C4C internal number range (e.g 50000001). I also see that the ID mapping for that particular Account is updated with 500000001-1000001. Based on this observation, I have two questions:

1) How do I make C4C create the ECC customer in the external number range using the same ECC ID? Will a change in standard HCI mapping suffice?

2) What is the impact of not having direct 1 to 1 mapping for customers, contacts, employees ID? Most ECC and CRM OnPrem integration I have seen have direct 1 to 1 ID mapping so my initial plan is to follow that approach. I will be integrating opportunity and quote/order in the near future, and would like to find out if there is any potential issues that will crop up due to not having a 1 to 1 direct mapping.

Appreciate very much your input!