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Jun 19, 2014 at 02:15 PM

Modeling approach : HANA studio OR BW on HANA ?



I have question on the modeling approach.

Scenario : We have to impliment Reporting system for a client. 30% fo the reports that business want can be delivered using standard BI contents and rest 70% can be delivered with some customization to the BI contents.

Client has liscence to use both BW on HANA & HANA native

We have 2 options for modeling

1) Use BW on HANA : Install BI contents and deliver all the required reports using standard BW contents with some enhancements.


  • By using BI content we can save development efforts
  • Using BICS connection BO reports can use BW hierarchies


  • It locks client into a proprietary OLAP structure and also doesn't align with SAP's long term vision in terms of how HANA should be used
  • SAP recommends to stay away from cubes, use granular DSO's, not engage OLAP for calculations & use self-service analytics thru use of Universe
  • Not all the BI contents are In Memory optimized.

2) Use HANA studio for modeling : Install BI contents and consume all the acquisition layer DSO's in HANA (Analytic Views) and create calculation views based on these views and do reporting on these HANA models.


  • No duplication of data (only one phycical layer and rest are views).
  • In line with SAP's vision
  • HANA Live contents can be leveraged


  • HANA live contents are not matured as BI contents
  • HANA hierarchies are not supported in BO tools like Webi, we can not expand and collapse hierarchies, which is possible using BICS connection on BE queriues.
  • More efforts required for Modeling

So, what is the best approach in current date? BW modeling or HANA modeling?

What is SAP's vision on use of both these technologies?

Thanks & Regards