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Jun 19, 2014 at 12:22 PM

Duplicate and Multiplicate CVC's but Unique Planning Object ID


Ok, I asked this question before and been there done that, fixed it.. all good

I need to ask such

In Business as usual, with best practices for solution management in place, What REALLY gives rise to this situation where internal MPOS (CVC infocube) has Non-Unique Planning Object ID ?


- The internal MPOS has ONE Planning Object GUID shared across MULTIPLE CVC's that I see in MC62

- The internal MPOS has MULTIPLE Planning Object GUID'S for ONE CVC that I see in MC62


- Delta CVC's are created from sales history cube, post realignment religiously

- Everything is done with process chains... no evidence of manual intervention.. ok I believe it

I do not see any technical solutions beyond MPOS repair and BI object repair that does NOT correct the situation above. I do not think there are any magic programs for the same.. cannot possibly be. Some good Samaritans have written about Real time CVC creation but that is something nice to do and I believe not really a solution.


- What PROCESS DISCIPLINE must be followed to completely avoid this kind of situation in any Demand Planning Operation

-What DESIGN considerations should make an integral part of demand planning implementation to avoid such a situations forever.