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Jun 19, 2014 at 01:05 AM




Iam new to QIE in EWM and had a few questions:

1. I am setting up QM in ECC. I have a conversion for Inspection Plans in ECC. I have been advised to create a conversion file for Inspection Plans on the EWM side. Need some inputs on what the conversion file will look like in QIE. From my preliminary research I think you need to create an Inspection Rule Group, Inspection rules, Inspection Object Type?? Kindly let me know if iam on the right track

2. In ECC I would like to use an inspection type 04 with the post to inspection stock indicator deactivated. So it will not be stock relevant. Can this still be used with EWM being implemented. Iam assuming I can still do a GR for a Production Order, create a non stock 04 inspection lot and print the COA at the time of picking of the delivery without using an inspection type 17? Kindly advise

3. If I am using the inspection type 17 do I have an indicator for 'Post to Inspection Stock' like we have in the stock relevant inspection types in ECC.

Thanks in advance.