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Former Member
Jun 18, 2014 at 04:04 PM

Retrigger an Inbound IDoc to Become an Outbound from PoSDM to ECC


Dear PoSDM Experts,

I'm trying to browse and search for solutions on whether retriggering the inbound IDoc to an outbound IDoc from PoSDM to ECC without changing its details and had no luck. The scenario has no aggregation and it is merely passing through PoSDM. I understand it doesn't seem practical because we can point the IDoc directly to ECC without passing PoSDM. The full scenario is an inbound IDoc is created in PoSDM coming from PI and the same IDoc will be triggered and pushed to ECC without changing the details. Sample IDoc would be WPUUMS, WPUBON and WPUTAB.

Please let me know if the above scenario is possible without enhancement. If it is possible, kindly provide me how I should execute it in PoSDM.

Kind regards,