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Jun 18, 2014 at 02:38 PM

Integrated Planning fox formula.


I'm new to Integrated planning, but have the following scenario :

Multiprovider with 3 Cubes, Cube 1 is a planning cube which users update date directly via a query and is saved into this cube. Cube 2 is a transactional cube data pulled from ECC. Cube 3 for the moment I'm not interested in the data.

The structure in both cubes is slightly different, but there are a number of common characteristcs around 5.

Cube 1 has % value with data.

Cube 2 has quantity value.

I want to create a fox formula to look up the values in Cube 1 and multiply the line with the corresponding Quantity value in Cube 2 and then save the data as a new record in another cube (question, or should I save it to Cube 1?).

This is where i'm a little stuck, which field do I need to change in the agg. level, and what is the fox formula I need to write. Could someone please help me.

Thanks Jane.