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Jun 18, 2014 at 12:13 PM

How to get value in custom field(Part OF BOL) in search result view.


Hi All,

I am new to CRM WEBUI and i am facing issue in populating value in one field of search result view.

Current requirement is .

On product f4 , we get search help and search result view.

one custom field need to be added in search result view ( for eg any description field).

This description field is already available in one of z relation maintained in PRODUCT root object.

Solution tried so Far:

1. We enhance one Standard Product structure and add that description field .

2. Add new field( description) in result view context node as attribute by using bol attribute.

3. Customize search result view and display that description field in result.

By doing above three steps, field is available in search result view.

but issue is we are not able to get values.

1st Approach: write code in getter and setter method . Pass the relation name and get the property of description field

in setter method, set the property.

Issue : we were not able to sort the values on this description field. so scrap this 1st approach

2nd Approach: In Event EH_Onsearch Help, we try to use collection wrapper to get current value of description

by using relation name .

We use component controller to set the value of description since searchresult view-conext node->result node is bound to one comp controller node.

but this solution also does not work..

Please advice us what approach we should use to get value in description field and sorting should also work.

Thanks in Advance.