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Jun 18, 2014 at 08:17 AM

Problem in validvalue of Combo Box in Matirx ?


Hi Expert,

I have tried a lot and i think that there is problem with control .

in My form i have Matrix

I have found that valid value are getting assign to column not cell because my requirement is to fill the valid value dynamically .

example in employee valid value

id desc

1 Mr.x

2. Mr.y

3 .Mr.Z

but if designation is manager then only (Mr.x and Mr.y should come ) and worker then (Mr.Z)

so i have set first row

srno Designation Employee

1 manager Mr.X

now when i set Mr Z in Second row then Mr. X Id is showing

2 Worker Mr.Z

please Check image


Mayank Shah.


Combo.png (190.5 kB)