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Jun 18, 2014 at 07:34 AM

How to adjust x axis of line chart for dynamic values from universe


Dear All,

I am new to SAP Dashboard. I got one requirment that, user will pass single value to universe using prompt in Dashboard. Based on that prompt value / input parameter, universe will deliver data to plot line chart in my canvas. But, on every request i will get different count from universe. Like for request A = 30 records, request B = 56 records, request C = 2 records and so on.

Based on the count, i want to display line chart in my canvas which will auto fit the screen. (Auto adjustment of X axis e.g For A, last record on x axis should be 30, for B = 56 and for C =2). Please let me know, how can i achive this task?.

Note : i know, how to plot simple line chat with fix count.