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Jun 17, 2014 at 03:15 PM

Turn on FICO integration for all CO postings (New G/L)


Hello all,

Our Cost of Sales Income Statement (created in Report Painter, reading off of FAGLFLEXT) is missing certain CO postings, such as Activity Allocations. As a result, our Departmental Expense balance is overstated. According to our Variant for Real-Time Integration CO->FI, RKL documents from the COEP table are only reflected in FAGLFLEXT if there is a posting across Profit Centers.

We are considering changing the New G/L configuration to pass all CO documents to FI. The Help Text from SAP recommends that this setting only be used in a test system. My question is: Has anyone else done this or evaluated this, and with what results? Were there any reports or transactions where a significant increase in run-times was noticed by the business?

In a recent copy of our production system, I changed the variant, and ran FAGL_COFI_TRANSFER_CODOCS to convert these documents, and it completed in around 5 minutes, bringing across around 35,000 documents. We have a total of around 125,000 postings to COEP for the same period. My guess is that the performance hit will be acceptable, but I'm looking for some other experiences from SCN.

SAP Help Text:

"Indicator: Update All CO Line Items to FI

Causes all CO line items that are generated with CO-internal allocations to be transferred into Financial Accounting. In this way, Controlling is reconciled with Financial Accounting.


Setting this indicator can produce an undesirably large number of documents in Financial Accounting. SAP therefore recommends setting the indicator for test purposes only."

Any comments, opinions, experiences are welcome.


Marcel van den Top