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Jun 17, 2014 at 01:15 PM

POWL application not showing the list


Hello friends,

I have a requirement to show the list of Material related informations through POWL. As far as my knowledge with POWL development is concerned I have followed all the steps to implement it.

1) Created a feeder class and used an interface IF_POWL_FEEDER. Implemented most of the methods including the mandatory methods get_objects_definition and get_objects. Also activated all the interface methods in edit mode whether or not they are implemented.

2) Created an APPID in tcode FPB_MAINTAIN_HIER, powl type in tcode POWL_TYPE linking the feeder class, and role assignment through POWL_TYPER connecting APPID with POWL_TYPE.

3) implemented a WD component using the POWL_UI_COMP component. Defined an outbound plug from the WD component window and fired it in the handledeault method of the window to the default inbound plug of the POWL_MASTER view embedded in the view container of the WD compnent view.

used below code to fire the window plug

applid = 'ZMM_MAT_UPD'
forallq = abap_true
powldeltarendering = abap_true
qname = ' '
qselpara = ' '
refresha = abap_false
refreshq = abap_false
srvgroup = ' '

The result I get when I run the WD app is like as shown in the attachment

4) I have defined queries as well. But ideally as you will be knowing, after my first 3 points, I should be able to see the resultant table, empty or filled!!

I need to know what have I missed out. Please help.

Much appreciated,



result.png (70.3 kB)