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Jun 17, 2014 at 05:20 AM

LDAPRFC_LOAD not found


Integration of SAP Netweaver User Management with LDAP

During configuration of LDAP and trying to logon to server using ldap connecter am getting this error in st11 pls help me out in resolving this issue

ABAP Programm: SAPLSLDAP_CCMS (Transaction: LDAP)

Called function module: LDAPRFC_LOAD

User: SUPPORT (Client: 320)

Destination: LDAP_DC1SJGLOBAL (Handle: 1, DtConId: 539D27C3D5F51660E10080000AC3E865, DtConCnt: 1, ConvId: 05022397,{539D27C4-D5F5-1660-E100-80000AC3E865})

EPP RootContextId: 539D2788D5F51660E10080000AC3E865, ConnectionId: 00000000000000000000000000000000, ConnectionCnt: 0

EPP TransactionId: 539D27C2D5F51660E10080000AC3E865

**** Trace file opened at 20140616 061028 PDT, by disp+work

**** Versions SAP-REL 720,0,401 RFC-VER U 3 1386868 MT-SL

======> Function LDAPRFC_LOAD not found