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Jun 16, 2014 at 10:32 PM

How do we sync up ECC financial master data with MDG-F?


We knew that there is a SAP supplied tool called MDMGX and the tool is used to extract financial master data out of ECC and we can load up in MDG-F as an initial load. This will take place during MDG-F implementation. That way master data 100% is in sync across ECC tables and MDG-F tables at that point of time.

Overtime someone may change old or create new master data in ECC directly without going through MDG-F. If so, data would be out of sync. If that happens, what technical process that is out of the MDG-F box we can use? Would MDG-F have the ability to catch net changed objects (newly added or changed) made in ECC alone and to initiate table updates in MDG-F in the right sequence systematically?

Any thought?