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Jun 16, 2014 at 09:11 PM

Open Tickets - No Active Assignments


Hello -

I have been asked to create a report with tickets that are "Open" and have no "Active Assignments".

Most tickets that are "Open" have at leaset one "Active" assignment. They want to find tickets that are open, but do not have any "Active Assignments" so they can issue an assignment for the ticket.

I need help with this please, as this calls for more than just basic skills. Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated.

A ticket can have multiple assignments - some assignments can be "Closed" or some can be "Active".

I have used (see below) these in the Record Selection to isolate these tickets but it's not taking. For example, ticket 1175373 has five assignments, 2 are "Active" and 3 are "Closed". This ticket is on the report because it fullfills the record selection code - it has three assignments that are "Closed". But the 2 active assignments are being ignored - so really according to the code below this report should not be on the report.

But, I would like tickets to be on the report if they are "Open" and have no "Active" assignments. Another example would be that a ticket would be on the report if it was "Open" and it had 3 "Closed" assignments and no "Active" assignments.

Date ({CallLog.RecvdDate}) in Lastfullmonth and
{CallLog.CallStatus} = "Open" and
{Asgnmnt.AssignStatus} <> "Active"

Please clink this link to view the report.