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Jun 16, 2014 at 05:31 PM

Multi threading under single file channel



We have File-Proxy scenario .

We are using fCC sender channel and using

recordset sequence as varaibale

recordsets per message was 250.

When large size file like 2GB was processed, PI is taking 45-50 min to process the file and from proxy end its taking 8 hrs to process this file.

we are using one channel and 250 recordsets per message by chunking file and process to target. We are following EOIO for sequence for these chunk files.

with this approach in PI target system proxy is taking huge time to process.

experts suggested using multi threading and multiple channels are the ideal solution for this issue.

am expecting with multiple channels and multi threading will cause issue for receiver proxy because of more objects and current approach is fine.

Please suggest any other alternatives we can acheive in PI with respect to this issue?

Note: I checked blog for file chunk option under Adv parameters and I cant use that here as FCC and Mapping is there .