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BPMON Alerts "Detail info" disappeared in SP10-11

Hi BPMON Experts,

we have upgraded SOLMAN from SP08 to SP11 (skipping SP10).

We have already had BPMON and Analytics setup in SP08.

Now finding out that in SP11the "Detail Info" and SP13 buttons in Alert Inbox completely disappeared.

Reading TECHED mats from last year, it sais that BPMON alert details are not integrated in SP10.

However SAP recommends for users with old BPMON settings to still use OLD  BPO workcenter to realize full functionality..

But without detail info button - there is not much use for it.

Is anyone else experiencing same problem ?

Appreciate your comments.



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    Jun 17, 2014 at 02:18 PM

    Hi Elena

    I wonder whether you use MAI based BPMon (BPMon on new monitoring infrastructure) or use classic one...  If the BPMon and BP Analytics setting were made when SP was SP8, I assume it is Classic one.

    Anyway, let me clarify some points.

    As you know from Teched replay, as of Solution Manager 7.1 SP10, BPMon offer new BPMon that based on monitoring alert infrastructure (MAI).  But this does not means, after the SP10, your existing BPMon or BP Analytics setting runs on new MAI infra. Without switching on the MAI, your solution still run on Old infrastructure (I will use classic BPMon engine here).

    Since all the BPMon cases are not covered yet in SP10/SP11 and also conversion tool from classic BPMon to MAI BPMon is not available in SP10/SP11, using Classic BPMon is still recommended.

    So if you simply update SolMan SP from SP8 to 11, your BPMon and  BP Analytics Monitors still run classic BPMon infra. Here basically everything should be same.

    So I bit suprise you have some issue (detail info is not available, ST13<?> button is nto avaialble)...

    In my understanding, there should not be the issue if you still run classic BPMon infra.

    So if this is the case, I recommend you to check your monitor setting. If you update ST-A/PI in managed system during SP11 upgrade, I recommend you to conduct following to get latest repository.

    1. Go to BPMon setup and chose your logical component area. And conduct load monitor definition.

        By pressing this, latest monitor definition is loaded from managed system to SolMan.

    2.To refrect the latest repository content, go to logical componet and choose all monitor and de-activate ->Generate->Activate existing monitors.

    For ST13 button, I recommend you to check your monitor setting (analysis tool tab). If not T-CD/Program assigned to your monitor, the button is not avaialble in alert inbox. So you need to assign the T-CD /Program that you want to see in alert inbx in analysis tool tab of your monitor.

    If your case, is not based on classic BPMon (You newly create solution and switch on MAI setting to your Solution as attached picture), I recommend you to chck new Alert Inbox and open detail info.

    As of SP10, you can control classic / MAI BPMon per solution (but if there is existing monitor, you cannot switch. So you need conversion tool that is planned SP12 probably).

    In MAI based BPMon, there is BPO workcenter. And it offer a bit different alert inbox.

    In new MAI based Alert inbox, to use detail info button, you need to press show detail button.

    (like technical monitoring, new alert inbox support grouping etc.. so to see detail info, you need to go into 1 more detail level).

    In detail display, detail info should be still avaialble like attached picture (but now it is http based. not GUI base).

    So even the new BPMon, detail info still should be avaialble. Also you should be able to call transaction/program like you could do before. (actually in new infra, it can do more).

    I think in the teched replay, it might says "BPMon BW Alert report is not supported yet" in new BPMon....

    Hope above info help you.

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