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Nov 30, 2005 at 06:38 AM

How do I imitate the Master/Detail Viewer app?



In the context tutorials there is the Master/Detail tutorial which lists customer "orders" in a table depending on the customer selected in another table. The tutorial uses SomeBOL class to generate and populate the data into the tables. I'm trying to achieve the same results by calling a Bapi and bringing the data into the context. I have two tables which are returned, both tables have a "key" (PK in one and FK in the other). What I want to do is to select the PK the first table and the associated FK data is displayed in the second table. The context model is bound in the custom controller, and my view uses this controller as a 'required controller' for its context. Because I am doing this it won't let me create the <i>supply function</i> in the view but it will let me in the custom controller. I also need help with some of the Java code as I'm not generating the data in a <i>SomeBOL</i> class like the example. Your suggestions and help will be greatly appreciated.