No performance data is returned from BW InfoCube

Hi all,

I am receiving error:

"No performance data is returned from BW InfoCube.

Infocube: 0SMD_MPEH , metric type: APPLICATION THREADS , metric name: ACTIVETHREADSCOUNT used in section 'Java System Data for <SID>."


"Reading performance data from BW returned neither data nor an error code. A timeout may have occurred.

Infocube: 0CCMSMTPH used in section 'Workload Overview <SID>'"

in our EWA report.I have checked SMSY and followed the procedure given in other topicsand notes.The background jobs for data extraction are working correctly.

secondly in RCA workcenter, when selecting Java stack for EE monitoring its asking to set variables for E2E Summary view (MPEH).On selecting, i am getting data to show but not otherwise.

Do both these problem connected? Please help



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2 Answers

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    Aug 01, 2014 at 11:19 AM

    I had the same symptoms, and eventually tracked it down to the Wily agent being broken (it points to the wrong extension folder, so never collects any performance metrics). See note 1273028 for info. Don't worry about the fact that the note's for Introscope 8; even if you have Introscope 9 installed, Solution Manager still needs to use the version 8 agent, because the version 9 one doesn't work with SAPJVM4.

    Go to http://solmanhostname:5xxxx/smd/ISAdmin and check the Introscope agent settings. You're looking for the ISAgent Version. If it's reported as ISAGENT., it's the buggy one and you'll need to patch it to ISAGENT. instead.

    I don't understand why the patched version hasn't been substituted for the broken one in the install downloads for Solution Manager 7.1 yet, but my systems have been happily collecting data since I updated the agent.

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    • Hi Julie,

      You are absolutely correct. Isagent version was responsible for it. We had raised the OSS message and they gave the same solution and answer as yours. I was also in disbelief that why the buggy version is still there or atleast there must be some alert for it. Spent so much time troubleshooting it.

      Wish you may have given the solution sooner.😊


      Vaibhav Srivastava

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    Former Member
    Jun 16, 2014 at 09:32 AM

    Hello Vaibhav,

    Please check spool of job 'E2E_HK_CONTROLLER' for errors with extractors. Most probably, cube with error will reflect in Spool of 'E2E_HK_CONTROLLER' job.

    Also, please refer SAP Note , & use attached Troubleshooting Guide (TROUBLE SHOOTING GUIDE MISSING DATA IN SERVICE SESSION FROM BI/CCDB) to analyse 'missing data' messages in EWA Report.

    This should help you. If not, let us know.



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    • Former Member VAIBHAV SRIVASTAVA

      Hi Rajat,

      Go to solman_setup -> basis configuration -> step 5 Configure Automatically -> re-activate the step Activate BW content for RCA & Setup Extractor Framework .

      check again.



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