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Jun 16, 2014 at 06:22 AM

Using the Fiori Launchpad for same user with different catalogs/groups?


Hi All,

Firstly, Fiori seems to be spread over SAP for Mobile, UI5 and this space, and since it's really not SAP for mobile or UI5, I've posted here???

My question is related to leveraging the Fiori Launchpad in a non-standard way in an existing Portal environment.

Imagine we have a Manager Self Service Launchpad and an Employee Self Service Launchpad. In the Fiori UX, it is meant to be a single Launchpad with separate catalogues for ESS and MSS, but with an existing deployment of SAP Portal with various navigation, it's a bit presumptuous to think we can throw away the whole Portal navigation and replace it with a single launchpad; hence we want to make the launchpad completely different based upon the entry point (for the same user).

e.g. MSS Launchpad would not show ESS tiles, and vice versa.

Is this possible today without customising the Launchpad? From my initial investigation, it doesn't appear possible. There appears to be a few URL parameters you can leverage with Fiori Launchpad (around caching predominantly), but would be good to know of any other tricks of the trade.