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Jun 15, 2014 at 07:01 PM

Error in Odata API access for SAP EC to ERP Replication


Hi Experts,

While we are working with the standard Employee replication (configured as in SF ERP Handbook as provided by SAP) interface from SF EC to SAP ECC we are facing the following error. This is happening because the standard integration is trying to look for an entity 'EmployeeDataReplicationElement' in the query which it is not able to find in the exposed entity list over Odata API from Employee central instance of the client

While running this query against the salesdemo instance of SF it runs successfully and this entity is available for the integration.

We have tried assigning all possible roles to the user so that this does not arise because of access issues - however it still results in the same error.

The technical error returned from SF is as below :

[EXCEPTION] ODATA Execution Error Code: 500-COE_HRIS_ELEMENT_NOT_SUPPORTED Internal Server Error-entity name: EmployeeDataReplicationElement is not supported in oData API.$format=json&$select=scheduledReplicationTime,personId,replicationUpdateStatus,replicationContentType,externalCode,replicationTargetSystemNav,allowReplicationInCorrectionPhase,replicationProcessingTime&$expand=replicationTargetSystemNav&$filter=%28replicationContentType%20eq%20'EMPLOYEE_MASTER_DATA'%20and%20replicationTargetSystemNav/externalCode%20eq%20''%20and%20scheduledReplicationTime%20le%20'2014-06-11T12:47:20.154Z'%20and%20allowReplicationInCorrectionPhase%20eq%20'true'%29&$top=200

Could you please advise on what additional configuration is needed in SF EC end so that the entity is available in the Odata API.

Thanks and Regards