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Jun 14, 2014 at 04:14 PM

How can I use capacity splits in Machines "001" using PS work centers ?


Hello Experts

I want to manage capacity splits for machines in PS using work centers.

  • I create work center CNR1 "Capacity Category 001 <Machine>", maintain the capacity header and maintain the rest of the work center as usual.
  • If I create a pooled capacity CR11, I can only assign one pooled capacity for a work center. however I added 3 individual capacities in the capacity header.
  • when I create an internal activity and assign the work center, work, activity type and number of individual capacities, I go to "Personnel Assignment" tab. I find the capacity category "001" Machine, and the fields down there are capacities not persons.
  • I try to open the possible values for the field "Capacity" and no values found.
  • Even the pooled capacity I assigned does not appear in F4.

How can I assign multiple capacities to a work center so that I can choose between them in the capacity split tab "Person assignment" in an internal activity in PS???

FYI: everything else in the internal activity is working perfectly fine, even personnel assignment. But we haven't activated personnel availability management in HR module.

Please help




CapS.jpg (64.8 kB)