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Jun 14, 2014 at 03:55 PM

Need help in Scheduling Webi Reports


Hi Team,

I have a question on scheduling the WebI reports in XI R4 environment. Here is the scenario's:

We have a front end application developed based on .net code. The Business User has an option to click a button on the front end screen. As soon as they click the button on the front end application the .net code will send a zero byte trigger file to the shared location. We don't no when the user clicks this button( They might click this button any time in a month). I have a created a filed based event in CMC once this file is arrived in that particular directory the BO WebI report will get kicked off automatically.

For my testing purpose, I have created a zero byte file in the shared location and then I have scheduled the report it ran successfully. If I delete that trigger file or replace the same trigger file with the same naming convention after few minutes the report is not getting kicked off. Do I need to set a recurrence option when I am scheduling the WebI reports based on File Events. If yes, then what will be the appropriate option to set for this requirement.

I have also written a VB script to delete this file. I want to know how to set a dependency between the report and this script. ( Eg: Once the report is kicked off the trigger file from the shared location should be deleted).

On a High level, as soon the user clicks the button on the front end application the BO WebI report should kicked off automatically.

Thanks In Advance.