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Nov 30, 2005 at 01:53 AM

Create tabs in Enterprise Portal 6.0



I began using SAP a couple days ago and I want to integrate an application into the portal. Before I do that, I am trying to learn some basics. I've created a sample iView, deployed it to the portal and it worked as expected. Now I want to import some data into the portal and verify that I can create new tabs to navigate to my iView.

I've logged into the EP as administrator and created a new folder under Portal Content->Content Provided by Other Vendors. I added a workset, page, and my iView to the folder and then exported it. I manually moved the exported file into my Import directory and imported the .epa file.

After doing this, I do not the tabs I thought should appear in the portal. It appears the UI has not changed after the import. I thought the workset and page would add the appropriate tabs in the portal but not so.

Do you know of a simple tutorial that illustrates how to add navigation tabs to the portal? I'm sure I am doing some basic things wrong, but I haven't found the right information to guide me yet.

Thank you very much