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Jun 13, 2014 at 08:04 PM

BPMON Alerts Detail Info - how to switch to use TRUSTED RFC ?


Hello Experts,

we have configured BPMON for our customer and it works fine, alerts are flowing in.

Now the users start using it and they complain about having a logon prompt popup every time the hit "Detail info" button to jump into satellite system to see alert details. It's very annoying when they need to check many alerts simultaneously.

So I investigated and found that the function is using LOGIN type RFC for the logon and it seems that SAP designed it to work this way, as SAP's own DEMO shows same thing.

Question: Is there a legitimate way to make BPMON function use TRUSTED RFC to show alert details instead of LOGIN RFC ?

By "legitimate" I mean, I know the LOGIN RFC can be "adjusted" to behave like TRUSTED, but that is not "legal" fix especially in production.

Appreciate any comments.