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Jun 13, 2014 at 06:49 PM

Need to Hide Subform if Date Field Value is before Hard Coded Date - AdobeLiveCycleDesigner Formcalc Help


So far I have this code:

if (date2num($formattedValue, "MM/DD/YYYY") lt date() - 0) then

data.Page2SCAForm.Presence = "hidden


This means that if the date value if before today's date then hide the specified subform.

This isn't exactly what I need to do though -

Using FormCalc I want to hide a specified subform when the date field is less than a hard coded date (Say Jun20th 2014)

Playing with this I am able to get the code above in, but I get an error that the subform presence isn't accessable. (feel like that's a code issue using javascript vs formcalc) - Also need to know how to modify the above to compare to the hard coded date rather than the date2num date.

Assistance appreciated.