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Former Member
Jun 13, 2014 at 12:29 PM

Perl SAPNW::RFC used by ABAP developer or not ???


Hello Folks,

I have some good knowledge in Perl programming before becoming and ABAPER.....

Recently i have seen PERL RFC...

Ever since i have seen the PERL RFC through which we can use for creating tables, reading tables, reading BAPIS and updating through BAPIS...

Also i came to know we can motiner all sap systems using Perl RFC.

Now my question is

1. Had anybody used Perl RFCs for developing an object or used BAPI for updating data into SAP systems.... ?

2. As an ABAP developer are we allowed to use PERL's SAPNW::RFC while developing objects or do we need to get permission from our Project manager etc ?

Please reply me... I have several doubts on this ....

If i can use them....then it reduces my coding time several hours, months, and years too !!!!