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Jun 13, 2014 at 11:13 AM

To stop email routing to closed service request


Hi Experts,

As per the current system, we have mail form via which SR number is added to the body of email and routing rule maintained that if SR number is present, it must be routed to the Employee Responsible of the SR.

The requirement is to stop this routing for closed Service Request (SR) - It must be routed to L1 instead of current bahaviour.

As per the current system the class CL_CRM_ERMS_AH_ROUTESR_TO_RESP is attached to Sevice ID AH_ROUTE_SR_RESP and this Service ID is attached to Action ID ROUTETORESP. This Action ID is used in routing rule.

In closed SR we do not want to route to ER and should be sent to general queue.

Which class should be used or how to update the Class CL_CRM_ERMS_AH_ROUTESR_TO_RESP, so that it will check the status of the SR and if it is closed route it to General queue?

Any pointers will be highly appreciated.