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Jun 13, 2014 at 05:14 AM

Pricing for sales district of customer


Dear all,

Am beginner for SAP SD, I have tons and tons of doubt. Most might me silly.

I need pricing for sales district of customer to be consider into SO. Can any 1 explain me clearly

In XD01 CMR > Sales area data> sales tab v can c 2 fields

  1. Sales district
  2. Customer group

Both are use for prizing.(See F1)

For ex:

  1. I maintain condition record for Sales district in VK11, by considering Sales district filed in V/03.
  2. in pricing procedure determination OVKK – Assignment is “Sales are +Cus Pr procedure + Doc pricing procedure.

System check only Sales are +Cus Pr procedure + Doc pricing procedure, I don’t think system considers “Sales district” maintained in CMR. How Sales district is getting linked in, for pricing when We have not assigned any were in pricing procedure determination?

  1. Whether my question is wrong
  2. Whether my understanding is wrong
  3. Or i dint understand u question?