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Jun 13, 2014 at 04:01 AM

Unable to send SMS message from SAP


Dear All,

I have done Standard SAP Configuration of SMS through HTTP with Third Party SMS Gateway with the help of available guides. During HTTP node configuration, i have given all the details of SMS service provider along with registered template message.

When i pass this registered message in entire URL, i am getting SMS text message in my mobile with spaces where ever applicable. But after i gave the same text message in my HTTP node configuration, i am not receiving any message in my mobile. In SOST, status showing as successful and message went up to Service provider only not to the given mobile number. Below is the successful delivery message.


Message successfully transferred to service agent

Message no. XS723


The message to recipient SMS:XXXXXXXXXX was transferred to a service agent for sending.

The SAP system cannot receive and process status messages about successful or failed delivery from this service agent. Therefore, you cannot expect further information about this message in the SAP system.

System Response

Processing was completed as normal.

The confirmation from the service agent when the message was transferred was: 20140612171836XXXXX

There may be other ways of obtaining further information about the delivery of the message by the service agent using this specification.


No action is necessary.


Difference I noticed in SCOT (double click on HTTP node) is entire message is showing as a single word which was the reason it was not delivered to mobile. B'cos registered message length is of 5 words length.

Instead of space between the 5 words if i gave %20, i am receiving the SMS message in my mobile successfully.

Please suggest if any settings needs to be done to avoid this space issue so that system should consider the message with individual words and not single word.